The consultation is a valuable tool wherein you not only have the opportunity to have your questions answered, but you and the attorney also have the chance to determine if you feel comfortable with each other and can anticipate that you will have a quality professional working relationship. The consultation is billed pro-rata based on the amount of time spent and the specific hourly rate of the attorney you have consulted. Hourly rates vary among the attorneys or other personnel.


After the consultation, if you decide to retain the firm to represent you, you will be asked to provide a retainer and sign a representation agreement. The retainer amount varies as no two cases are alike, and likewise no two retainers are the same. The attorney will determine the retainer amount needed at the end of your consultation based on the specific issues involved and the estimated amount of time that will be required.

There are certain matters that may be handled on a flat fee or contingent basis, but again that would be determined after the initial consultation based on the particular issues of your situation.